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Kind Minds | Helpfreely.org

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We are Kind Minds. For our Citizenship campaign we are advocating to help cater for those with dementia residing in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Our aim is to raise awareness locally and to take actions for those who are deprived of necessary and fundamental facilities. It is of great importance to ensure that the best support and care is enforced through our campaign. Fundraising for: -Medication -One on one Consultation sessions -Transport Health care providers. We aim to encourage the general public to help us aid for those with dementia by: raising crucial awareness of the importance for support and care, information brochures, social media pages, posters.

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We are currently fundraising for Alzheimer society.We will soon participate in the event Elf day 2016. On Friday 9th December (or any other date in December) they're looking for schools, workplaces, families and friends to join in the Christmas craziness and organise an Elf Day. Whether you wear just an elf hat or choose to dress head-to-toe in elf costumes, anything goes for this festive fundraiser. Alzheimer Society will provide us with posters to sweepstakes and tons of festive ideas.

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