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Jack and Jill Support Group

Jack and Jill Support Group

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Jack and Jill Support Group | Helpfreely.org

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We are a family support group that helps families with children with additional support needs. We provide a weekly support group with sessions operating ever Thursday during term time and every Tuesday, Thursday in school holidays. We give parents a chance to let off steam each week with other parents in similar situations. We also offer Allotment and cooking classes with have been very successful of the last year along side a range of activities for all ages. All of are services are also available to siblings of disabled children.

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Laufende Projekte

We are currently in final stages of purchasing our own premises which will enable us to launch our own Bistro that will be ran by our disabled members that are over 18. This will give them the chance to gain qualifications through our own Hospitality and Professional Cookery Lecturer, Extend their employability and social skills along with enjoying spending time with others every week.

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