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Our Hope for Podencos centre in Albecete on the mainland is set up to provide accommodation and rehabilitation support for the discarded podencos in Banaderos Pererra, Gran Canaria, and those from mainland Spain. Each one who is offered safe haven at the centre will be found a forever home for the rest of their days in countries all over the globe. The Centre has a thriving educational outreach program and welcomes volunteers to help and get to know the podencos residing there. Do come and pay us a visit. Join us on facebook at Hope for Podencos GC

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Laufende Projekte

The Hope for Podencos Centre is recently purchased, and there are several ongoing projects as we built and refurbish the kennelling areas to make them safe and hygienic for the podencos who come to the centre. We are currently looking to build several new blocks with the help of volunteers.

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