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Gossip not

Gossip not!

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Gossip not | Helpfreely.org

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Our aim is to raise awareness of the harmful effects that gossip can have on individuals in our communities it is a very destructive problem that drives some to suicide",Gossip not!" is the first charity to tackle gossip head on and put it on an even par with Assault or actual bodily harm!,Gossip and untruths can ruin the lives of Teachers,Police officers,mothers ,fathers ,daughters ,sons in other words it can effect anyone!,we want to spread a positive but informative message and make the the bully realize what effect his/her actions can have on the lives of people.

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We are designing flyers with a positive but straight to the point message highlighting the effect of harmful gossip and make Bullies realize that they may be guilty of actual bodily harm!,people are generally good but there is always that some-one that will be cruel to the point that they will ruin the life of another person with harsh words or actions, it is tantamount to bullying,Gossip can lead to suicide and result in absence from school,exclusion from the community,or even physical attacks!,i myself have been a victim of gossip and bullying ,in my community people didn't say hello to me or even talk to me for the best part of 20 years due to my faith as i am one of Jehovah's Witnesses.It effected me so much i became withdrawn and i was isolated with no-one to talk to at times,this is why i am so passionate about our Anti-gossip campaign.

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