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Glossopdale angel gowns from wedding gowns

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Glossopdale angel gowns from wedding gowns | Helpfreely.org

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We use donated wedding gowns to make "angel gowns"for babies born asleep. These are given to individuals and hospitals on request. The gowns are made by volunteers and donors are given a keepsake made from the donated dress.Fundraising events include bake sales ,angel tote bags and raffles . The group are expanding nationwide to meet demand .

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Volunteers throughout the North West are currently working on donated wedding dresses . These are transformed into gowns to fit babies from two to eight pounds. They are given to people as needed. The gowns are individually made from one dress ,no two the same,for both boys and girls. All are machine stitched and finished by hand with love. A padded heart made from the dress is sent to the owner with their name embroidered as a momento and thanks.There are currently eight seamstresses at work producing these much needed gowns and volunteers working to generate funds

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