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VoxEurop is a not-for-profit online multilingual news and debate outlet on European issues. It is a sharing platform for quality translations of the most valuable news stories and features on European topics, with emphasis on civil society, social issues, minority and migrant rights, gender equality, democracy and, human rights, transparency and accountability, internet freedoms and the environment. VoxEurop publishes news stories, fully translated syndicated and original articles from leading contributors and authors, articles summaries, cartoons, infographics, polls and other contents in 10 languages (Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish) on European issues from over 400 sources in Europe and around the world. VoxEurop has a unique feature: citizen involvement by means of discussion, article proposals, and comment translation. Through partnerships with other European news and journalism outlets VoxEurop aims to become the premier multilingual European publisher and platform for content translation and sharing. VoxEurop is already a partner of Internazionale (Italy), Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa (South-Eastern Europe) and Alternatives Economiques (France) as a content provider and The Guardian (UK) and the #OpenEurope project as a translation platform. VoxEurop aims to contribute to democracy in Europe and to foster the emerging of a European public space.

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VoxEurop is working on a platform for collaboration and content sharing, translating, reusing and syndicating between mostly online not-for-profit and unrelated to big corporations or financial institutions media outlets, coordinated by VoxEurop, a leading pan-European multilingual news and debate website. A unique and useful tool for providing valuable stories, investigations and reports on issues that matter at an affordable price, translated and localised by experienced professional translators and editors. A publishing platform and agent for journalism grantees, data journalism, transborder investigations, and for freelancers. A way to boost ties, good practices, innovation sharing, and cooperation between independent news outlets; raising their editorial offer, reach and influence within and beyond their audience, and fostering freedom of information and news circulation in Europe.

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