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French Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian and non-governmental organisation founded in 2013 in response to the refugee crisis in Europe under the UN Convention for Refugees, which was created after the World War II to ensure refugees are able to find safety and protection. Since then, FRC has been supporting refugees re-build their lives, with an ultimate goal that all refugees have a decent life as a full member of the society, self-determined and recognized as human beings with skills, experiences, idea and thoughts. Since its establishment, FRC has sought to provide practical support to asylum seekers and refugees and has provided various kinds of assistance such as medical support, food, clothing, accommodation, legal and integration support, particularly in situation of increasing xenophobia and racism and in other situations were refugees are automatically linked to all crimes. FRC speaks up for refugees forced to flee violence and persecution in their country of origin and create a basis for refugees to share their knowledge and experience and to advocate for their inclusion both at the national and European level. FRC is run by volunteers who directly work with the asylum seekers and refugees to ensure that they have a stronger and more influential voice and can contribute with their expertise to smoothen their integration.

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French Refugee Council is providing assistance to asylum seekers and refugees who have fled from war and political persecution in their country of origin and helping them realise their potential through the following initiatives: 1. Scholarship for Refugees French Refugee Council has stepped up to help refugee and asylum seeker students enter university programs by finding sponsors and scholarships. Since its establishment FRC through its supporting partners have provided scholarships for refugee students to undergo languages classes for the period of one year in French language institutions. There are more refugees who want to study than opportunities available for them to do so, thus FRC is working with its partners to increase the number of scholarship for the upcoming year. In addition to that, FRC has been negotiating with French educational institution to provide reduction in the tuition fees for 2. Empowering Women Refugees Empowering women refugees is the main focus and we at the FRC struggle to improve the lives and protect the rights of women refugees. Since its establishment we have been supporting a large number of women asylum seekers and refugees in different parts of France. We organise events at different locations where female asylum seekers and refugees come together to eat lunch and practice their French language and more importantly to find a hope for their integration in the society. Our dedicated female volunteers are working toward helping women

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