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We are an association . The Association name is association culturelle burkinabè . The association was created in 2013. The registration number to the prefecture is w751220487. My name is ouedraogo frederic i was born in burkina faso . I make my studies in paris . I created this association in paris with my uncle to help women in burkina faso we want to promote more egality between women and Men . The association has ten volunteers . We are going to work in afrika . We want to help people there ,particulary women . first of all we are going to teach people , after we are going to buy 500 hectares of land for women

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1 Teach people priority for women we want to teach people in burkina faso , particulary women . This start in burkina first ,we are going to help people in difficulties . We will teach in difficult neighborhoods in west Africa . The priority concern women teaching . We will help job job search internet . By writing curriculum viatea . From exploration we have help women in job search . We are going to start in île burkina faso ,after our association will go on all west Africa . We need computers to teach people . In Burkina faso some people have difficulties to have a job , we want to help them by propesting the job market . . this teaching including poor people , women, old persons . We are going to teach some rules . these rules will permit the live in society . In burkina faso some people are victims because of their sex, and the cultures .we want to help this people by teaching them lessons in english, in mathematics , geographic . We want to say that all people can succeed indeed if they have knownledges . We want to recrut more volunteers 1.2 GIVEN MORE POWER TO WOMEN The Burkinabe cultural association intend to finance the project, sale cultural objects.Balafon include sale , tom-toms , bracelets, bogolans loincloths made basic fabric and clay , rings will be sold , as well as African channels , shoes Africans, kora. Raise funds used to finance the project this will enable a cultural exchange between people from different continents.We sell item

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