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Tenerife Horse Rescue and Animal Sanctuary | Helpfreely.org

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Tenerife horse rescue is located in Tenerife, Canary Islands in Spain, which is a very popular hotspot for tourists all year round, however, the downside is that behind the scenes the welfare of animals is quite poor. Looking beyond the resorts and beaches, you will find kittens in the bin, puppies tied to fences and horses as young as one being ridden with rusty bits in their mouths and old saddles on their bleeding withers often for the benefit of tourists. Of course, this doesn't happen everywhere and thankfully there are a great team of animal welfare enthusiasts trying to spread awareness and educate others to break the cycle. We may be small but we are Tenerife's only registered charity that rescues horses (NGO) and we are growing every day! We are willing to continue growing as much as we can with your help. We strive to provide and promote the care and protection of all horses and animals by offering a place of safety to those in need. We offer them a home on site for the remainder of their lives, however long or short. We retrain some horses with natural, kind and positive reinforcement methods. We occasionally re-home some animals, if we feel they have the potential for a fulfilling life outside of our sanctuary. We also aim to educate owners and future generations about the value of horse and animal welfare. For the rescued animals who live with us at the finca, we look for kind sponsors to help keep them fed and cover essential veterinary care.

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We did not expect to get so big so quickly and this is all down to a great team of volunteers helping us build from an empty piece of land to a fully functioning sanctuary and kind donators who without we could not have afforded to do this. It has all been 100% self funded. We will be buying 3 times the land we already have. This will be huge and we have already in place the plans. We will be building a big track system/ paradise paddock to encourage movement for the horses who do not enjoy leaving the Finca, are in easy rehabilitation or need time to recover and just be a horse. We will also build a big retirement paddock which will be set in a big "hole" which offers itself to make more holiday rental caves around the outside. Which will all help to bring in an income to continue the cycle of rescuing horses. Please help us to not have to make the hard decision of " who looks bad enough to deserve a space and chance of happiness". We have the want, the volunteers, the knowledge and everything else needed to give these horses a chance, it breaks our heart having to say No, just because we do not have the space. Now we have a chance to change this forever. Imagine how many more animals and horses we can save with this land. Our full plans include a track system, more horse paddocks, a donkey paddock, dog kennels, cat leukemia run, duck enclosure, bigger sheep enclosure and more enclosures for whatever else comes our way.

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