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Our commitment is to advocate for and support men travelling solo to navigate their way towards independence. To challenge stereotypes and support these men, individually and as a community, to help them to build a solid base of knowledge and support network to work towards stability, integration and autonomy. Our objective is for solo men to have the mand to fulfill their potential and participate in society. We believe that supporting these men should be central to social development and aid delivery, given their potential to enrich their host nation's society when provided with the initial support required by any individual. Male asylum seekers and refugees travelling solo are systematically deprioritised, meaning that their access to resources and services covering basic needs is severely restricted. The limitations imposed by the system on their access to resources and support networks, are risk factors that have led to these men experiencing severe levels of social exclusion, and composing a non-recognized vulnerable group created by the system itself. FORGE for humanity addresses this gap in support services for solo men, with an approach tailored to their needs, which opens the path towards contribution and prevents dependency on social aid systems. We focus on individualized long-term assistance, rekindling motivations and overcoming the obstacles of deprioritization; promoting integration, autonomy and stability to achieve independence.

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We operate primarily as an info hub from a space in Athens from where we offer the following services: Seeking asylum: We provide accurate and up-to-date information about the asylum process, access to Skype to register subsequent asylum claims, mediation of communication with the Greek Asylum Service, assistance through family reunification and visa procedures, and follow up on individual cases. When necessary, we also make referrals to partner legal organisations. Basic needs: We act as a drop-in info point, giving information regarding different services and activities; assist in navigating Greek bureaucratic systems; and make referrals to medical, psychological, and accommodation services. For those experiencing street homelessness, we provide basic need items. Employment: We offer tools to navigate the job search process, create connections with available jobs, workshops and courses within our network; and offer guidance through the unemployment benefits system. Space: Our space is one built on respect and community, where men can support each other and collaborate. Safe spaces dedicated to solo men are non-existent, and so we provide a space where they can find safety and a sense of belonging, and where to reclaim agency and identity. Voice: We advocate for the specific needs of solo men, make an effort to tackle misinformation and prioritise building our networks with the community and organizations.

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