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FORGE for humanity helps refugee single men to connect with the services that better fit their individual needs, skills nd abilities. We encourage personal autonomy, integration and stability in order for these men to become more independent from inadequate social aid and support systems. We advocate for an individualised, long-term approach that offers alternatives, opportunities and resources through which people can achieve self-sufficiency. We recognise that this group suffers from the greatest marginalisation in this humanitarian crisis, whilst at the same time being the group with the most potential to contribute socially and economically. We believe that supporting single men should be brought to the forefront of how we think about social development and aid delivery. We’ve seen the difference decent living conditions can make, and witnessed the potential that emerges with proper support and encouragement.

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From our office in Athens, we try to achieve autonomy and independence thorugh 4 different programs: - Psychosocial Support: Promotes socio-cultural participation and connects people to quality psychological and legal services - Occupational Support: Helps to define goals, assists along the way towards them, and provides guidance in navigating the Greek system. - Housing connections: Though contacts with other projects, and depending on availability, provides a safe base which promotes psychological well-being, independence and stability. - Direct aid: Supply basic material resources necessary to achieve professional and personal goals.

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