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Eden Sanctuary is a new, multi species animal sanctuary and outreach centre in Mallorca, Spain. We focus on saving animals otherwise destined for slaughter, but also have dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. We also aim to educate the public through workshops and other initiatives, on all matters relating to rescue, veganism and animal liberation.

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At the time of writing we have a lot of expensive vet bills coming up. We have 2 poisioned cats who are in a very bad way and have cost almost 600 EUR in less than one week, a cat with 30 stitches in her mouth after a palate reconstruction and possible bone cancer, 2 lambs who need to be castrated and chipped, a pig who needs her trotters cut under sedation which will entail a home visit, a donkey woth laminitis who needs hoof and teeth treatment, another who needs to be castrated and chipped- and that is without any more rescues this month.

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