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Asociación Española de Equinoterapias

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AEDEQ, Spanish Association of Equine Therapies, founded in 1996, is a non-profit organization of volunteers whose objectives are to provide and promote the best practices in the therapeutic, educational and recreational activities assisted by horses. We believe that respect for the animal is the basis for respect others and ourselves, for this reason, in the activities that we carry out the horse is not a tool but a colleague, partner and friend. What do we do?Participating in international cooperation networks and projects AEDEQ has collected and continues to collect a heritage of updated technical information and contacts related to the EAI (Equine Assisted Interventions) to share with its members and the public in general. In a manner consistent with the principles of social education, promoted by AIEJI (International Association of Social Educators), we protect animals and nature and offer activities with horses for any age group, with or without special needs. Some of our activities: Pedagogic / Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, etc.. We advise organizations related to the EAI sector to implement good practices to help them integrate into the European social fabric. We cooperate with other non-profit entities and socially responsible companies by sending our volunteers and evaluating their experiences based on European criteria. We host, send and coordinate European volunteering projects (EVS of short and long term) and individual mobilities of students and workers.

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As it abovementioned one of the objective of the organization collect, improve and spread the information about EAI. For this reason, AEDEQ participates in the Erasmus+ KA2 project named "Horses Teach Me How To Find My Way" (HTMHTFMW). The HTMHTFMW's objectives are: -creat an internation space for the professionals for exchanging, obtaining and updating knowledges therapy methods -provide alternative working tools for the professionals -provide for the horses more interesting and entertaining way to participate in the sessions -improve the sessions for the users .. An other collaboration, between AEDEQ and Special Vocational High School and Lyceum of Katerini Pieria Greece is an Erasmus+ KA1 project which title is „Healing hooves” and about implementing the Equine Assisted Therapy and Education (Equine Assisted Interventions EAI) tools in the activities with childrend with special needs. ...

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