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26 Letters is a Spanish NGO based in Beirut, Lebanon. We are a home, a family; and in this family no one stands alone. We are there for each other. We teach, but our programs go beyond education. 1) One on one classes: All of our students attend private English classes and within our curriculum we teach Ethics and History. We provide support in subjects like Maths, Arabic and Science when needed. Our workshops focus on opening conversation about racism, conflict, sexism, LGBTQ+ phobia and other issues. 2) Future department: This department monitors the educational development of each student and provides solutions to possible educational gaps. 3) Work: Some of our students work to sustain their families. We make sure this environment is healthy and safe by meeting their managers. Students that struggle with abusive jobs are given the opportunity to work with us as Arabic teachers. 4) Health and Psychological care: We take special care in ensuring that students grow in a safe, stable and hygienic environment. For this, we provide them with hygiene workshops and accompany them to the doctor and therapists, financing the sessions when needed. War, migration, economical struggles and daily discrimination have an impact that needs to be addressed. 5) Humanitarian boxes: We provide +700 people with surviving kits consisting in medicines, food and hygiene products. The inflation, COVID-19 and the explosion in August 2020 left many families more vulnerable than ever.

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