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Secondary school is the bottle-neck for most Ethiopian girls to attain a better future. Scholarships have proven very impactful, as every year of education increases the girl’s chances to earn a higher income in the future. It also has a sustainable impact on her family, improving health, sanitation and education. SponsorHer ! strives to increase girl enrollment and retention in secondary school, first in Ethiopia and later beyond, by crowd-sourcing scholarships and mentoring. Founded by two young German development professionals, SponsorHer! is an award winning non-profit social endeavor working with vetted and experienced local partners to identify the brightest and most needy girls and support them with a scholarship, leadership and business training to become changemakers in their communities. MAKING GIRL SCHOLARSHIPS MORE SUSTAINABLE – OUR MODEL SponsorHer! has developed a model that could make girl scholarships in the long run more sustainable with a potential to scale and increase impact. We leverage our crowd-sourcing platform and strengthen local ownership by engaging successful Ethiopian women, the diaspora and alumni to reinvest in their younger sisters.

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With your help, we would like to send another 20 girls to school. SponsorHer!’s partners identify girls based on their outstanding potential proven by school reports, and are required to provide proof of financial hardship based on government poverty certificates and house visits. Sponsorships cover a school uniform, materials and a sanitary kit to avoid school drop-out during the menstruation as well as depending on the partner family support or school improvement projects. 2 EUR/month are saved to allow the girl to start her own small business or to continue to university after high school. 100% of donations directly benefit the girls. With about 20 Euro a month we can send a girl to school!

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