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JADE - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises

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JADE is a non-profit, non religious and non political umbrella organisation of more than 280 student-run businesses ("Junior Enterprises") across more than 200 universities in 14 European countries. Following the motto "learning-by-doing", our students bridge the gap between academia and business by running non-profit SMEs and being social entrepreneurs, thus leaving a significant impact on the local and national business world.

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Success Stories: a collection inspiring stories from Alumni of the network aiming to fuel the Junior Entrepreneurs mindset and encourage them to overcome challenges Common European Audit Grid & Confederations Development Program: one of our objectives is to ensure that our members experience sustainable development. Over the years, we assess our members' quality and improvements and we offer them counsel and support Godmother program & Promotion Program: Junior Enterprises are best practices to tackle skill mismatch and youth unemployment. We therefore support the creation of JEs and newly created Junior Enterprises- also outside of Europe Workshops & Trainings: Togther with our partners, we offer different workshops throughout the year. We are always open for requests for needed trainings and any JEs can use our facilities therefore. JADE Academy is a Train-the-Trainer program aiming to prepare Junior Entrepreneurs to deliver high quality trainings in a multicultural environment. The program includes a training week delivered by professional trainers and the possibility for the participants to be part of the JADE Pool of Trainers. All Junior Enterprises can request a training to be delivered at any time during the year. Generations Club: aims to build bridges between the senior and young generation through knowledge exchange and dialogue on relevant challenges in education and employment

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