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DUO for a JOB facilitates intergenerational mentoring (coaching), by putting in contact immigrant youth seeking for employment with experienced professionals in (early) retirement who can support them in their job search.  Mentoring also offers the opportunity to build intergenerational and intercultural links, thus reinforcing social cohesion in Brussels. DUO for a JOB is a non-profit organization working in the fields of socio-professional integration and continuing education. Four professionals and longtime friends established it in Brussels in November 2012. The founders’ academic and professional background underlines their deep-seated interest in integration and social inequalities More importantly, the urge to get involved in issues as varied as immigration, youth employment, social cohesion, active aging and socio-spatial segregation came from daily observations from their common environment: the neighborhoods of Brussels. They consider this situation to be representative of the social issues facing other cities in Europe and beyond.

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How can we recreate social ties and solidarity in our neighborhoods? How to fight prejudice, discrimination and xenophobia? How to reduce the growing gap between generations and thus strengthen social cohesion? How to take part in and promote active aging?  The idea of intergenerational mentoring strives to bring an answer to these questions, and was inspired by similar initiatives in France. The organization carries out intergenerational mentoring by matching young people residing in Brussels who are experiencing difficulties in accessing the labor market because of their ethnicity and/or geographical origins, with experienced senior professionals who can support and assist them in their professional project (education, training, employment). Once the matching is done, the association oversees and assists throughout the mentoring period.  By performing its mission, DUO for a JOB aims at reducing inequities in access to the labor market of immigrant youth in Brussels, valuing more our seniors, breaking with the segregation of ages, reinforcing ethnic diversity, encouraging intergenerational actions, and finally combating stereotypes and xenophobia by recreating social bonds. All our actions must be evaluated according to our success in this regard.

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